Climate Change & Energy

The Significance

Climate change is among the most important global environmental challenges, the impacts of which can be felt in almost every sector, from food production, water availability, energy, health among others, particularly affecting the low-income households. Energy production is also a key driver of climate change, causing the majority of the greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, India, in the post-Paris Agreement period, is faced with the formidable challenge of meeting the increasing energy demands of the nation while addressing the environmental challenges posed by dependence on fossil fuels.

MART’s Experience

MART Global Management Solutions LLP has over 26 years of experience in watershed and natural resource management, agriculture and rural development, and has always strived towards sustainability in its development interventions. MART has developed an expertise in the application of integrated watershed management, climate-smart agriculture, responsible fossil fuel use and renewable energy promotion through an integration of these concepts into its development models. MART’s Rasoi Ghar Model is an awarded concept that allowed the expansion of LPG footprint among the poorest communities in India, promoting a shift from fuelwood to LPG in kitchens through the implementation of community kitchens, a pay per use kitchen model. MART also facilitated the creation of a solar micro-grid program for the ecologically fragile environment of the Sundarbans with the help of a Joint Liability Group based model. MART, in this sector has worked with clients such as GIZ, UNDP, Save the Children, NABARD, Solidaridad, and Hindustan Petroleum, among others in projects requiring research and / or implementation.

MART’s Commitment

  • MART has a capable team of experts in the areas of integrated watershed management and natural resource management.
  • MART continues to push for sustainable development, integrating sustainable agricultural practices, renewable energy models and environmental impact reduction into its development interventions.
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MART’s 3i Approach in particular has caught everybody’s attention…the notion of Participatory Rural Appraisal as a tool for Innovative Co-creation is appropriate and timely.

Dr Urs Herren
Ambassador, Embassy of Switzerland, Bangladesh

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