Health & Nutrition

The Significance

Health and Nutrition are integral to development. They are the indicators of a country’s approach towards holistic development, and are key focus areas in a developing nation’s efforts towards reducing poverty, hunger and mortality. A population affected by poor health resulting from or in spite of poor nutrition is limited in productivity and is prone to fall into the vicious cycle of poverty. India is still dealing with the issues of undernutrition and malnutrition among children, while also performing poorly on Maternal and Child Healthcare indicators.

The Government of India has put in place a number of programmes and schemes in order to address the issues relating to health and nutrition. The Public Distribution System (PDS) for Food Security of the poor, The Mid-day meal scheme to improve the nutritional status of children, Integral Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme for improving nutrition and health status of infants and young children, The SABLA scheme providing ration to adolescent girls are just to name a few. More recently, The Government of India has launched the National Nutrition Mission, with a goal of attaining a Malnutrition-free India by 2022.

MART’s Experience

Organizations in both public and private sectors have been working on interventions addressing issues of health and nutrition. MART Global Management Solutions LLP, with its established presence at the grassroots level has garnered significant experience and expertise in this sector, as a research and assessment partner. Some of our notable studies include – An assessment of clean cook stoves and their impact on the health of women in rural households, evaluating the cost of distribution of family planning products and recommending cost effective and sustainable redistribution models in Nepal, assessing the effectiveness and acceptance of low cost healthcare devices in Bangladesh and multiple analyses of health issues in rural India. MART has been working with both Government and Corporate Sector Clients, such as GE Healthcare, Novartis, USAID, SHELL Foundation, among others.

MART’s Commitment

  • MART has a strong team of research experts with considerable experience in handling extensive surveys and assessments of health and nutrition related interventions.
  • MART’s team also has a strong understanding of the sector and has considerable outreach in the rural areas.
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MART’s 3i Approach in particular has caught everybody’s attention…the notion of Participatory Rural Appraisal as a tool for Innovative Co-creation is appropriate and timely.

Dr Urs Herren
Ambassador, Embassy of Switzerland, Bangladesh

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