MART has produced the following reports:

Building Brands through Mobile Theatres (Bhraymaman) and Jatras (2011)

Rural Youth – Unraveling the mystery. Study to understand attitude, behavior and aspirations (2011)

Study of Consumer Behavior and Distribution Channels of Small Towns of India (2010)

Optimizing ASHA workers to reduce infant mortality (2010)

Cash and Carry – A New Revolution in Retail (2009)

Psychographic Characteristics of Adopters and Non-Adopters of Innovation in Rural Markets (2006)

Designing effective communication for rural consumers (2006)

Study on rural distribution models for FMCG (2004)

Study on Potential Channels for Promotion of Consumer Durables in Rural India (2003)

An Impressionistic Study on role of Consumer Finance in Rural India (2003)

Use of Folk Media for Effective Communication and Advertising (2002)

Rural Women: Are They Really Buying? (2002)

Feasibility Study on Mobile Traders as a New Distribution Channel (2001)

Impact of Spurious Products on Rural Markets (2001)

Role of Rural Youth in the Buying Process (2000)

Specific Tools and Techniques for Market Research in Rural Markets (2000)

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