Consumer Goods & Durables

Consumer goods are most penetrated in rural India. Food products like biscuits, personal hygiene like bathing soap or shampoo, skincare products like face creams have high penetration. However, brand awareness and choices are still limited as not many companies have been able to reach these markets. Often mass media reach has exposed the rural population to some of the consumer product brands but non-availability often influences consumption opportunities of these consumers.

MART conducts market research to understand the rural consumer for his consumption behavior and attitude towards consumer goods; develop strategies based on research to segment and target, design low cost ‘last mile’ distribution models and design effective communication models; pilots the strategic implementation to take the strategies from the drawing board to the market and then for sustainability and scalability.

Our Differentiators

Consumer goods demand effective distribution and communication models as these are purchased repeatedly at a regular frequency. MART has established time tested sustainable and scalable models for ‘last mile distribution’ and has effectively used ‘existing traditional rural events’ like haats to communicate.

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MART’s 3i Approach in particular has caught everybody’s attention…the notion of Participatory Rural Appraisal as a tool for Innovative Co-creation is appropriate and timely.

Dr Urs Herren
Ambassador, Embassy of Switzerland, Bangladesh

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